Knowing How Search Engine Optimization Works is the Key to Earning Passive Income

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on November 29, 2023

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on November 29, 2023

It's safe to say that anyone venturing into digital online marketing has been familiar with the term "search engine optimization," but not everyone understands what it really means. It describes the process of making website content more search engine friendly in order to draw in visitors.

Therefore, in order for customers looking for terms like "real estate ghostwriter" or "real estate e-book writer" to reach your website, you as an e-book ghostwriter for real estate agents need to optimize the material on your website. Here are the fundamentals of search engine optimization you should be aware of to guarantee the success of your passive income stream.

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When someone searches for a website similar to yours, they enter keywords. Finding your optimal keywords just requires some simple keyword research. You may next concentrate on creating content that is rich in keywords to draw in your target audience.


Search engine optimization involves multiple types of tags. Like keywords, they all assist in directing search engines to your page. For example, title tags should be used for blog titles. This small action adds context to the title content so that search engines will "crawl" across your website.

High-Quality Content

It's likely that you've heard the expression "content is king." Using keywords to draw in search engines is the premise behind keyword-rich content, but you still need to write engaging, helpful content with your target customers in mind. You've failed at search engine optimization if your viewers don't find your material engaging.

An essential element of effective Internet marketing is search engine optimization. Strong search engine optimization combined with website setup can ensure you a substantial passive income stream for weeks or months to come.

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