Trust The Process: The Winning Formula For Hitting Goals

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on March 29, 2024

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on March 29, 2024

A lot of people have immediate expectations when it comes to their goals and ambitions. Negative self-talk takes control when their expectations aren't fulfilled, and eventually they give up completely. We become so accustomed to thinking in this way that we fail to appreciate and pay attention to the process of achieving achievement.

We're not entirely to blame. Instant satisfaction is the standard in the world in which we live. We lose sight of our long-term objectives because we are engrossed in the joys of the now. As a result, we experience an endless cycle of self-sabotage that deprives us of fulfillment and contentment.

Setting objectives isn't enough; everyone has things they'd like to do. You must wake up every day, commit to the process, and take significant action if you truly want to transform your life. It all boils down to changing your viewpoint.

It's something we often overlook, but little victories are what lead to significant achievements. This is the key to achieving your objectives. Are you prepared to discover 5 strategies to put your faith in the method and put an end to your concerns about the result?

If you are ready to learn what they are, then read on.

Or, you can watch the video below, where I cover this topic from a slightly different perspective.

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Not Hitting Your Goals? Trust The Process More

All of us have established and failed to meet goals. We become elated, initiate action, but ultimately succumb to overwhelm and give up. How come? because the kinds of goals we are establishing are incorrect.

I'll explain. In fact, the process of goal-setting may make you feel anxious. People believe that they will succeed once they accomplish their aim. People stress themselves out to an absurd degree as a result of this. When they encounter a setback, their motivation ultimately wanes. The outcome is what matters, not the method.

Goals that are results-oriented are only concerned with success. The focus is on winning, so there is no time to relax and trust the process. People search for ways to cut corners and take shorter routes in order to complete tasks more quickly.

Having this mindset can be a big mistake.

Do not misunderstand; it is crucial that your objectives are targeted at achieving a particular outcome. That's ultimately what we're all aiming for. On the other hand, you are setting yourself up for failure if your entire attention is on the outcome. There's a far better way to go about things when it comes to actually finishing them.

Essentially, it involves embracing a systems perspective. Process-oriented goals put more emphasis on the journey than the final outcome. Failure doesn't exist in this way of thinking because setbacks are just seen as chances to improve and broaden one's horizons.

We frequently don't have complete control over whether or not we'll succeed in our goals. The process is all that any of us can control. When your value is dependent on a result, not succeeding in an endeavor can cause anguish and sorrow. However, the process becomes far more satisfying if you view your value as derived from the work you put into something.

The magic is in the process. You miss the magical moments when you place too much emphasis on the result. "Fall in love with the process of becoming great," in Blake Griffin's words.

Life, at an individual level, is a continuous process of discovery.

The process of reaching a goal is defined by the person you become along the road, the talents you pick up, and the lessons you learn and unlearn. Consider an objective that you have already accomplished. If you hadn't gone through the steps necessary to reach your target, would you have succeeded in the end? My guess is that it's not.

"Obsessing about goals is like playing a game of fetch with yourself, using your happiness and self-worth as the bone," writes Michael Neil in his book Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone's Life.

If you want to experience real success in life, then you cannot waste time.

You must possess the willingness to exceed expectations. Everyone wouldn't experience success if it were simple, but that isn't the case. Reaching objectives is seldom a straight-line process. It is frequently cut short by this thing we call life.

But it is our responsibility to stay on course. Experts are adept at embracing life rather than fighting against it. They get back up after falling because they understand that failure is a necessary step towards achievement. Even the tiniest positive strides are indicative of advancement. Remind yourself of it.

Let's look at 5 strategies to help you trust life's unfolding course and let things happen as they should.

1. Let Go of Control

We occasionally create uncontrollable ambitions for ourselves. We lose the struggle when we act in this way. Setting and maintaining daily healthy habits is the key to taking the necessary steps toward your goals. Learning to let go of control is a crucial component of accepting the unknown.

For instance, you have no control over where or when you will meet "the one," but you do have some control over how many times you put yourself out there and go on potential dates in the hopes of meeting that someone special.

Take a step back and consider how your life may be different if you truly relinquished control. The question, "What is the cost of not giving up control?" is more crucial. Consequences can occasionally provide us with the motivation we need to change.

You're more likely to start relinquishing control and having faith in the process if you're more willing to ask and respond to these kinds of questions. The first step is to embrace an attitude of interest, even if you're not sure what that entails.

The next time your mind plays tricks on you, tell yourself aloud, "Today, I will let go. I'll give up trying to be in charge of everything. I'll let go of my need to improve and change who I am, and I'll just be myself."

2. Reframe Your Idea of Failure

It is easy to feel like a failure when we fail to meet our goals in a timely manner or give up entirely. But nothing worthwhile in this world is simple. Failure is often seen negatively, yet it's not the end. If you want to look at it that way, you can actually solve the problem the quickest that way.

In order to achieve success, you must be prepared to view failure as a chance to try again and to reframe it again. According to Eloise Ristad, "We also give ourselves permission to succeed when we allow ourselves to fail."

The most prosperous people in the world took time to accomplish their objectives. They needed to comprehend, practice, repeat, fall, get back up, learn, and, most importantly, have faith in the process. The greatest successes in life are derived from the greatest setbacks. You'll be ahead of the game right away if you can change your understanding of what failure is.

3. Believe In Yourself

Were you aware that everything is conceivable? You might need to put forth some effort to strengthen your confidence muscle if you are unsure about this. Albert Bandura, a psychologist, investigated how people approach tasks, objectives, and obstacles based on their sense of self-worth. He discovered that an individual's self-perception has a significant impact on their effectiveness in accomplishing goals and conquering obstacles.

None of us can succeed in life without belief. It is an essential component of the success route. You won't put in enough effort to accomplish something if you don't genuinely think you can achieve it.

Taking on the little projects you've been putting off is the finest approach to boost your confidence. Reaching minor victories will give you confidence to tackle more ambitious objectives. It will increase your momentum so that you will not let any barriers stop you from continuing forward.

4. Embrace the Unknown

For many, the unknown can be a frightening place. It can be challenging to "wait and see" what transpires. It can be difficult to trust that life has greater plans for us, particularly if we are organized people. Do you understand?

This is the issue.Our plans aren't always taken seriously by life. Depending on our own circumstances, our goals may occasionally alter. We must develop the ability to ride the waves of change if we are to succeed. The only thing that is permanent in life is change.

Though it could be difficult to accept, there are benefits to the unknown for us. According to research, ambiguity may be crucial for brain development. When faced with uncertain chances as opposed to just dangerous ones, people's amygdala and orbitofrontal brain become more active, indicating that ambiguity elicits stronger emotions.

Follow your passion, let go of the result, and let life take care of the rest. It all comes down to increasing your level of self-trust. Don't force situations. Instead, allow them to develop naturally over time.

5. Be In The Moment

You will lose sight of what it is to be living if you spend your entire life worrying about the destination. Since we only have this moment, why not make the most of it? When someone finally gets what they have most wanted, they often ask themselves, "Wait, is that it?"

Focus on being present rather than dwelling on the past or looking too far forward. The most significant parts of your journey are the in-between times—the chances you create, the people you meet, and the life lessons you learn. The key to the process is practicing thankfulness in the here and now. Life will attempt to divert you from your path. Remain calm and have faith in what you require. The gut never tells lies.

Trust The Process: The Winning formula to Hitting Your Goals

You will miss all of the wonderful events and lessons along the journey if your attention is solely on the destination. Having faith that everything is happening as it should, even when you cannot see it with your own eyes, is what it means to trust the process.

"What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting; trust the process," as Mandy Hale once said.

The result comes when you master the process.

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