The Benefits of Travel

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on April 17, 2023

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on April 17, 2023

How To Use Travel To Improve Yourself

Bonjour! I’m currently in Mauritius right now. It is incredibly spectacular here. I recorded a little video on the terrace of the Victoria Beachcomber Hotel to share with you some of the benefits of travel.

This trip to Mauritius isn’t my first trip to an exotic island-nation. I’ve been traveling for work and pleasure for well over 5 years now. As an entrepreneur originally form the U.S. now living in Australia, I take pride in exposing myself to global perspectives.

I’ve been away in Mauritius for about a week on our honeymoon and we are half-way through our stay. Traveling as a family is one of the nice perks of having a passive income internet business. If you are looking for the same type of freedom and lifestyle, check out the 4-Hour Work Week, it is a must-read. I’m starting to shoot some videos from some of the different locations I frequently travel to so there will be more videos coming soon.

In the video posted below, I talk about how traveling is the BEST WAY FOR EVERYONE to move out of their usual environment and comfort zone. Traveling provides MASSIVE personal development VALUE, it enables you as a human to grow personally, professionally and spiritually; there’s just so many benefits.

Now I've previously shared with you some techniques on how to achieve "higher order thinking". And more recently, I've shared some benefits on how to improve your mental health with music. In this post I want to expose you to some of the benefits to traveling - the power of getting outside of your comfort zone.

Exploring New Environments

The main advantage that I enjoy from traveling is a chance to explore a new environment. I have found that living in the same place for years can have a limiting effect on us as humans. Living in the same physical environment is a perfect recipe for developing patterns and habits that can play a dominating role in our lives; unsurprisingly, these habits are triggered by the environment we live in. Some bad habits include consumption of junk food, laziness, and time wasting are bred by our environment. These habits become familiar, and we stop paying attention to our surroundings - living in a trace with no sensitivity towards anything.

Transitioning into a new environment, even with just a quick vacation, forces you to shake-things-up because you must adapt to that new environment. You’ll notice that some of your usually old patterns and behavior triggers change. Being in a new environment allows you to live again - since every step in a new place requires you to be attentive, inspired and ready for new stimulation. In this stimulating state you have to grow, and in the process, you gain a level of self-confidence that you can apply in different areas of your life.

Putting Life Into Perspective

Traveling helps you appreciate subtle parts of your life by putting your daily experience into perspective. When you are able to constructively get out of your comfort zone, you’ll start enjoying the little things in life that you may have previously taken for granted. For example, I’ve realized the little conveniences that I take for granted such as access to hot water, healthy/unprocessed foods, air condition and having smooth communication without any language barrier.

Traveling also allows you to get a taste of the REAL WORLD…with an awareness of how lucky you are. More than 2/3 of the world's population has to survive with less than $2 in a day. You get to see how many people have no reliable internet access or other societal luxuries that you may enjoy. Witnessing this makes you grateful, and you can fully appreciate the comforts you have.

Back Home With Renewed Spirit

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the feeling I get when I arrive back home. It feels good to get back to your familiar environment; you get back home with renewed spirit, energy and inspiration. The revitalized feeling allows me to act on my goals with an energized spirit. If you’ve experienced this before then you know how great this energized state feels. You almost have a different presence about yourself.

Since 2012, I have traveled to places that I never thought I’d ever be able to visit. Growing up in a family of 5, we didn’t have the type of discretionary income to enjoy international trips. So when I was offered to travel for work several years ago, I jumped on the opportunity. I’ve lived in Southern California for 3 months and worked onboard cruise ships traveling to Mexico. Later in 2012 I worked out of Sydney, Australia and travelled frequently to Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and New Zealand. Over the last 3 years I’ve visited Southeast Asia, Qatar, Paris and Ireland. Now, I spend most of my time living with my wife in Australia with frequent trips to the US.

Final Thoughts

With traveling, the secret is BOOKING in advance. Booking in advance gives you a ‘travel goal’ to look forward to. There were many times when I couldn’t commit to all of the necessary travel expenses. However, after booking my trip a few months in advance, I had to figure out how to find the money for the rest of the trip. Such pressure is rewarding. My mentor always reminds me that, “pressure creates diamonds”, and in this way the positive pressure of looking forward to a booked (committed) trip can lead you to creative and resourceful outcomes.

If you resonated with this post or have any questions then let us connect. Other published works can be found on LinkedIn (@MichaelCarringtonMBA), Facebook (@MichaelTheConsultant), and Twitter (@_RealMichaelC).

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