Allow Your Goals to Steer You

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on November 29, 2023

Written By Michael Carrington 

Updated on November 29, 2023

Let's level together and get real - are you setting your goals effectively?

You haven't yet turned your wishes into tangible objectives if you are still wishing that your life had turned out differently.

Many people talk about their aspirations, but not everyone actually follows through to turn their ideas into reality. I wish to ensure that your aspirations remain unfulfilled.

Some of the most successful people in the world set and follow strict goals.

The first step is to learn how to set goals. You'll be more driven to act to accomplish them if you know how to do it.

This article is for you if you're prepared to start goal-setting strategically in order to build the life you've always desired.

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Setting Goals Helps You Achieve Your Ultimate Vision

You feel more oriented when you have goals. It's much simpler to keep on track when you know where you're headed. Without objectives, it's simple to stray and try new things, never really finishing anything. 92% of people who set goals don't really accomplish them, according to research. People naturally suffer greatly as a result of this.

For this reason, the ability to define and achieve goals is essential to success in life. Nevertheless, you must first have a vision for your life before you can make goals. Consider the greater picture, step back, and ask yourself, "What am I moving towards?" With the goal in mind, begin.

Setting and completing goals is the simple act of taking the necessary steps toward your final vision.

The SMART Method

Your vision and goals must be in sync with each other if you are to succeed in life. In the event of misalignment, you will become less motivated. You will not be able to accomplish your goals in this state.

For this reason, I strongly advise you to make SMART goals. Goals that are Timely, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Realistic are known as SMART goals. Let's examine this successful goal-setting technique in more detail.

S - Specific

Your objectives should be precise. Setting a nebulous objective is useless. Saying to yourself, "I want to be skinny," does not constitute goal-setting. Instead, you're merely expressing an unmet want. Be more precise. What is the desired amount of weight loss? Reviewing your progress along the route will be simpler once you have a starting point in mind.

M - Measurable

After you've decided on a specific objective, the next step is to estimate how long it will take you to reach it. You have a strategy in place for when you need to do it when you give yourself a deadline. You may maintain your motivation to follow through by measuring your aim. Perhaps more significantly, you'll know when you're getting close to your objective.

Using the previous example again, how many times a week will you need to work out to shed X pounds?

A - Achievable

Your objective ought to be reachable, or feasible. It is your goal to push yourself and your limits. But if you don't think you can stick with it, you'll give up before you go far.

How are you going to reach your goal of losing X amount of weight?

R - Realistic

Setting extremely unrealistic goals makes it unlikely that they will be accomplished in a timely manner, and here is where many individuals go wrong. It should come as no surprise that motivation wanes when there is no end in sight. Establishing a goal that is unachievable is pointless.

Based on the resources at your disposal and the amount of time you have left, you need to assess whether or not your goal can be realistically accomplished.

Can you dedicate yourself entirely to shedding X number of pounds? Going to the gym seven days a week might not be feasible for you if your work schedule is really hectic. If so, you might wish to choose a more manageable objective.

T - Timely

There must be a deadline for completing every task. You will only procrastinate if you don't put one in place. If you change your timetable along the process, that's acceptable, just be specific about how long you want to take. When do you hope to accomplish your goal? Someday won't arrive if you don't decide on a date.


Using the SMART system is the best way to reach your goals because it provides you with the framework that you need. I employ the above tactic, which is why I accomplish every objective I set for myself. You must ascertain your degree of desire and belief for each objective you establish for yourself.

Your ideal level for desire and belief is 7 or above - THAT is your sweet spot.

Anything less than that is insufficient. When your beliefs and desires line up with your objectives, you position yourself for success. It is only natural to concentrate on the result when you create goals. But what really pays off when you reach your goals is the person you become in the process.

The Power of Goal Achievement

The process of achieving a goal is what ends up changing your life.

Referring back to our SMART goal example from earlier, the benefits of weight loss go beyond physical changes to your body. It is not an event to lose weight. Instead, it's a process of evolving into the confident, fit, and healthy person you really want to be.

More significantly, it's about the process you will need to go through in order to develop discipline, willpower, and long-lasting outcomes. Henry David Thoreau once said, "What you become by accomplishing your goals is more important than what you get by achieving your goals."

If you're willing to fall in love with the process of becoming the finest version of yourself, personal progress will always take precedence over the result. You can enjoy the results much more if you put more emphasis on the process.

Ready to Start Setting Your Goals the SMART Way?

Those who are prepared to go above and beyond to accomplish their goals in life are the ones who succeed in achieving them. Your goals aren't the right ones for you if you feel pressured to pursue them.

If your desire for a goal is strong enough, it will draw you in the direction of your ambitions and motivate you to create a life that truly fulfills you. Ultimately, despite the challenges you may encounter along the path, having a strong passion and confidence in your objectives will prove to be the gasoline that propels you forward.

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